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Would you like your boat to run and perform like it did when it was new?  How about maintaining its value and looks?  We can help!  MTNK is a leader in Media Blasting and Bottom System Applications.  We service both residential, marina, and corporate accounts and right now we are offering a 2019 GOLD LEVEL SERVICE to owners of boats that are 25′ or less.

2019 Gold Level Service:

  • Boat Removed from Trailer
  • Boat Professionally Media Blasted to Remove all Bottom Paint
  • Inspection of Hull for Cracks and Damage
  • Bottom Repair of any Blister/Light Damage (if required, rate is $65/hr)
  • Light Sanding and Wipe Down of Hull
  • 2 Coats of “TUFF STUFF” Barrier High Build Protection
  • 2 Coats of “SEA HAWK” AF-33 ABLATIVE Bottom Multi-Season Paint (other grades available)
  • 2 Year Warranty Against Peeling and Hard Growth (50 hours/year)
  • Delivery and Towing Available at Reasonable Rates

Boat Bottom Painting & Restoration

Boat Paint Removal and Cleaning

Prop Cleaning - Better Performance!

Marina Equipment Cleaning

Rate Sheet - Gold Level 2019
Boat Size Cost *
10-20′ $2000
21′ $2100
22′ $2200
23′ $2300
24′ $2400
25′ $2500
Over 25′ Call for Quote

*Note: Possible additional charges are for trash disposal ($65) and for body work if needed.

“Michael, We’d like to take a moment to tell you what a great job you did in cleaning our boat bottom. You removed all the old paint to a clean finish with absolutely no damage to the boats surface. You were courteous, on-time and on-budget. It was nice to work with a company that truly does what it says. We couldn’t be happier.”
Chris Donald

Weymouth, MA

Boat Bottom Service – Questions & Answers

Q: Why should I have my boat bottom stripped?

There are two very good reasons.  First is performance and fuel savings.  Every customer who has installed a bottom system has reported “Faster out of the hole and increased speed at top end”.  Speed reportedly increased from 3 to 7 knots.  Secondly, a proper bottom system lets you maintain the resale value of your investment by helping to stop the intrusion of water in to the bedding of the hull.  Surveyors place high priority on a properly sealed bottom and a major reason for a low sales price is a wet core.

Q. How long will this new system last?

As for the high build barrier, you should never have to do it again.  The bottom paint should last for two years and only require a light wash (no high pressure).  It is not uncommon for our customers to get 3 or 4 years out of our bottom systems (@50 hours/season roughly)

Q. Do you use a tracer coat on the first coat of bottom paint?

We do not.  You need the first coat of paint to do its job to avoid adding excessive amounts of paint.

Q. What is the big rave about Dustless Blasting?

A huge concern for Boat Yards is the containment of bottom paint during the Dustless Blasting process (testing companies are regularly on-site for environmental reasons) and therefore many don’t allow it at all due to the potential for contamination due to paint run-off. 

MTNK has been in the media blasting business for over 14 years.  The process we employ is a Dry Process System that we believe is the best system available.  Cleanliness and accountability to environmental concerns is a priority and our system is a perfect fit in that regard.  We put down bottom plastic, then build a tent around the boat so that we are able to contain the blasting process.  Therefore the entire area is even cleaner than when we started.  

Q. Can a boat be damaged if the media blasting is done incorrectly or by an untrained person?

Absolutely!  That’s why we are proud to say that we have done over 1800 boats and not a single one has ever been damaged!

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